Have your questions answered about the trash can cleaning and trash bin cleaning industry 

When Edwina & Katrina, sisters, started clean R cans they were one of the first services in America. They could not find a good resource for information regarding this industry and want to help others who may be searching for solid information.


Edwina has spoken to over 200 people about the trash can cleaning industry prior to writing this book. She has spoken to hundreds more since writing it.


Edwina enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping the industry grow by answering questions for people when they couldn't get them answered anywhere else. 


Now you can have your questions answered about what is required to start your own trash can cleaning or bin cleaning business. Get all that information and more in this downloadable e-book titled Trash Can Cleaning in America. As of August 2021, nearly 200 copies sold and all with positive feedback. Click to Download Now. 

With this purchase, you receive an invite to our closed Facebook Group with hundreds of others to collaborate with and learn more from.
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Edwina has also had articles published on Thrive Global and Veterati. You may check out her blog on the clean R cans website as well. We have also been featured in Empowering Women in Industry. For a link to podcast interviews please go to our media page.

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