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Sure, we've cleaned thousands of residential trash cans, but we have also worked with other businesses for years as well.


We understand the needs of bakeries, coffee houses, and restaurants. You want healthy, clean environments for your employees and customers. You want the added confidence that you are eliminating potential germ transfer from trash cans to hands to the food and drinks you sell.

You don't have to be an eatery for clean R cans to help you. No matter what kind of business you have, if you have trash cans that need disinfecting, we will help.

Beyond trash cans, clean R cans offers high level surface cleaning and will assist you with power washing to keep walkways and other areas around your business clean and inviting.

Some local businesses we work with:

Walkways and patios

We clean sidewalks, walkways, patios and other ares that you want to keep looking pristine. We are fully insured, have quality equipment and provide high level power washing services.

Clean Looks Good and 

Clean Smells Good

If you're looking for services like this for your business, you care about what your customers experience when they visit your business. We care about our business reputation too, we love working with businesses like us.

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